Hello! I’m Lorell, and I own i do Events, the cutest, little wedding planning company in Anchorage, Alaska! I’m a Californian who moved to Alaska in 2009. I tell people that I moved to Alaska for love! I know, kind of cheesy but it’s true!

Beyond the world of wedding planning, I'm a dog mom to two Frenchies, Rizzo & Zuko, I have a major shoe obsession, and if you're ever wondering where I am in the mornings, chances are I'm sweating it out at the gym, gearing up for another day of making weddings dreams come true (wink wink)!

Real talk…there are so many moving parts to planning a wedding that you need someone on your side that’s got “mad” organizational skills, can manage “organized chaos,” keeps calm when the “going gets tough,” and always has a “Plan B!” I pride myself on being that person, so let me be “your person” while we plan one of the most important days of your life!

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how it started

If my 2009 self told me that my future self would be a wedding planner, and in Alaska no less, I would have laughed. Truth is, when I was a Catering Manager in San Diego, I used to hide from Brides when they would come into the hotel. It suddenly was my lunch break or I was in a meeting, lol! Seriously, ask any of my friends, they will tell you the same thing! I’m sure my past boss loves hearing this…oops! #sorrynotsorry

When I moved here I took a job with a local conference planning company and found my passion for event planning. It felt different being on the other side, being the point person who handled ALL the logistics, not just a small part of it. Having this new job sparked something in me that I never knew existed…being a wedding planner! Yep! So that’s when I decided to open my own company and founded i do Events in 2011 and have been getting couples down the aisle ever since then!